Rochester NY based wedding photography, Fresh , Fashion based imagery | Is a Second shooter neccessary?

I have read several articles and talked to many couples that are asking if it is necessary to have a second photographer for their wedding day. Most say its great to have a second shooter as they are getting different angles, and essentially its like having a photographer at two places at once. I totally agree to this, and all of my collections include a second photographer, but I think most are missing some of the most important point.

The extra benefits of having a second photographer at your wedding.

- My second photographers are there to get different angles, and are trained first and foremost to capture expressions. Tears, Laughs, excitement, hugs, just to name a few. While I have my eye on the bride and groom dancing their first dance, my second shooter is walking around capturing Mom and Dad hugging and crying as they watch their daughter. They capture Grandma's tears, bridesmaids emotions and such. Not to say I don't capture this, but my main goal is focused on the bride and groom.

- When we are on a strict timeline, for example 10 minutes to get family photos, we can " tag team" and get all the shots! Having an extra set of eyes and ears always makes the d at go smoother. 

-Second shooter is also a lighting expert and we work hand and hand to set up lighting to get those dramatic images displayed on my website. Can I do it alone? Yes, but wouldn't you rather take 10 minutes away from your guests than 20 for these shots. Having a second makes the best sense of time.

- This is where things get scary! Imagine having a wedding photographer pass out from the heat as they are photographing your wedding? I've seen it happen! Its actually happened in the very beginning of my career when I was the second shooter! I was able to step in and not a shot was missed!

Having a second shooter in my professional opinion is a necessity! It is another back up to your day, yes it creates a bit more work on my end ( an extra couple hundred images to edit) but wouldn't you want to hire a photographer that has every back up in place for your day?