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"You have dreamed of this moment in your mind since you were a child, finding your soul mate and getting engaged are all  and now it’s time to figuring out your budget, finding your dream venue, putting together your guest list... there are countless things that need to be done. A photographer is one of the most important parts of your wedding celebration because you will have the photographs as your wedding memories for the rest of your life.


Even though you may think the food is important (and of course it is... no one wants to pay for mediocre food!), when you are reminiscing about your wedding on your fiftieth wedding anniversary, the special moments captured by your photographer are what you will have to look back at. The delicious salmon you ate that evening fifty years ago will be forgotten. Your wedding photos will be there to help remind you of the emotions that you felt, the amazing details of your wedding gown, and the way your husband got teary-eyed when he saw you in your gown for the first time as you were walking down the aisle. Those are the special moments you want to remember... those moments that can only be captured by photographs."


High end wedding photography by Charlene Mann Photography

​All  collections include Charlene as your lead photographer for the day, and an additional professional second photographer to make sure we capture every angle of your day.  Images and copyrights will be released to you, they will be enhanced and be in high resolution. Collections start at $2299 . Since no two weddings are alike please contact Charlene to meet and discuss your day.






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